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About Condition Monitoring Technologies

Condition Monitoring Technologies have close to 40 years of field experience in machine installations, repairs, overhauls (Motors, pumps, gearboxes, fans, etc…), and Reliability Maintenance. Our professionals excel at delivering precision maintenance to ensure your systems operate with minimal fault potential.

Remote Vibration Monitoring Services: Each machine under our care receives a full page of documentation listing the analysis, issues, and preventive maintenance action plan to follow for uninterrupted operations.

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Field Balancing Services: We start with collecting vibration data to detect the possibility of additional faults in the rotating equipment before we perform a balance service to ensure the machine is in an unbalance state. We then give the customer an ISO Standard balance tolerance of their choice, G6.3, G2.5, and G1.0. This means that under reasonable assumptions (load ratio), if we decide to for an example to tighten our balancing procedures and implement better practices allowing to go from an ISO balancing grade of G6.3 to G2.5, we will see an increase of the bearing life of 192%.

Thermal Imaging: Factories utilize complex electrical systems in their day-to-day operations. These complex electrical systems will develop electrical faults over time due to overloading circuitry and excessive cycling, However, continuous operations can cause circuitry to short circuit causing costly down time, safety hazards to employees, and expensive repairs. These types of faults can make them impossible to find. That’s where Condition Monitoring Technologies Thermal Imaging services come in. Our infrared technology allows us to identify any possible electric circuit failures before they happen. With Industrial condition monitoring services like thermal imaging, you can ensure your electrical systems are safe and optimized.

Ultrasound Technology: Although machine vibrations are detectable to help evaluate their health, early variations may seem hard to detect with just vibration analysis alone. Ultrasound technology is an industrial vibration monitoring detection service that allows the recording and analysis of these early variations. Our engineers utilize ultrasound technology to detect bearing defects, steam systems (steam traps), fluid & air leaks, arcing, partial discharge, and destructive corona (substations) in process and electrical operating systems. Through it, you can catch these issues early on, ensuring the safety of employees and critical process machines.

Laser Alignment Services: Laser precision alignments improves the geometric centerlines of each shaft component for the reliability of machines and ensures proper longevity of machine components. We perform both direct couple component laser alignments, and sheave belt driven laser alignments.


  • We provide predictive maintenance solutions, vibration monitoring, wireless vibration monitoring, machine laser alignment, field balancing, thermal imaging, and ultrasound technology.
  • Our predictive maintenance solutions can help catch slight fault variations in machine components to predict potential issues. It can help identify problems early to get machines repaired before they lead to operation downtime.

Condition Monitoring Tech currently serves manufacturing, power generation, and municipal sectors.

The vibration analysis company employs state-of-the-art online condition remote monitoring systems. As a result, you get up-to-date notifications and alerts regarding heavy-duty machines.

Condition Monitoring Tech’s main hub is situated in Washington. However, our services extend to clients across the country.