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    Complete Laser Alignment Services

    Precision is a must when it comes to industrial operations. Any misalignment could result in significant financial loss. Around 50% of the cost related to rotating equipment breakdown comes from shaft misalignment. It’s crucial to correct them to ensure the sector can avoid unscheduled downtime and production losses. Here is where our Laser shaft alignment services can help.

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    About Our Laser Alignment Services

    Our ISO-certified staff takes the time to assess your rotating equipment alignment using precision-based laser alignment tool.

    Laser technology provides higher accuracy that improves alignments. We use laser alignment services for shaft alignment in Pumps, compressors, gear boxes, fans, and pully drive sets.

    Our service professionals also compile a detailed report indicating the misalignment issues and maintenance techniques to prolong alignment.

    CMT also offers laser flatness & straightness checks for machine bases and case split lines for those critical applications.

    What Laser Machine Alignment Services are Offers:

    Condition Based Monitoring:

    Depending on your equipment’s criticality, we recommend site or remote vibration monitoring services. We collect data from critical process machines to provide up-to-date information regarding their health to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

    Customized Service Plans:

    Depending on your facility’s needs, our expert can provide flexible plans tailored to those needs. Our certified engineers will ensure you receive crucial information to prevent costly downtime and repairs.

    Experience & Service:

    Our experts have 40 years of experience providing industrial-grade preventive maintenance solutions to product manufacturing, power generation, and municipal sectors. Our staff of engineers and technicians are all ISO-certified and ensure safe and reliable services.

    How Does Laser Shaft Alignment Services Near You Help Your Business?


    Condition Based Monitoring:

    Laser alignment helps correct misalignment, ensuring rotating equipment is safe from potential issues; thereby improving operational efficiency.


    Improved Energy Efficiency:

    As it helps keep machines operating at optimum efficiency, it keeps cost and other resources in check.


    Reduced Vibration Level:

    Fixing misalignment helps prevent major issues in the operation process. Keeping everything aligned ensures the machine’s vibration levels are kept low.


    What is Laser Alignment, and Why is it Important for Industrial Machinery?

    It is a precision-based method used for aligning rotating machinery components accurately. The method ensures that direct couple and belt-driven systems are perfectly aligned for optimal performance. It helps reduce wear and tear, minimize energy consumption, and improve machine performance efficiency.

    What is the Best Time to Get Laser Alignment Service for Your Industry Equipment?

    Some of the best times to get laser alignment services include:

    • During a major repair or replacement of structural components.
    • If process conditions have changed.
    • During the time of installation.

    Is Laser Alignment Suitable for All Types of Industrial Machinery?

    Laser shaft alignment services are quite versatile and can offer aid to various types of industrial machines. However, it is mainly used for fixing alignment issues of rotating equipment, including motors, pumps, and compressors, and production line equipment such as belt-driven or direct coupled systems.

    What are the Benefits of Laser Alignment for Rotating Machinery?

    Laser alignment services offer several benefits, including:

    • Enhanced operational performance.
    • Improved energy efficiency.
    • Reduced vibration levels.