How Do You Improve Industrial Maintenance with Vibration Monitoring Systems?

By Paul Grady on Jan 24 in Technology.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how vibration analysis can help and also take a deep dive into how to find the efficient Vibration Monitoring Company for preventative maintenance.

Now, Did you know that among the costliest losses ever occurring to any industrial plant, the biggest mishap would be unplanned downtime? That’s right; unprecedented downtime can cost an average manufacturing plant $22,000 or more per minute, which equates to $50 billion a year.

It’s among the common problems that more than 82% of companies have experienced in the past few years, causing significant loss of time and financial resources. The worst part is that the time lost can never be recovered once it occurs.

As a great risk to manufacturing plants nationwide, industrial maintenance has become crucial. The optimal way of solving this concern is fixing it before it happens. We’re talking about predictive maintenance via vibration condition monitoring system. The following blog provides an overview of why industrial maintenance matters.

Why Industrial Maintenance Matters?

Industrial maintenance refers to maximizing the operational efficiency and productivity of the industrial plant. Regular maintenance and inspection can optimize plant operations and reduce costly downtime. Here are how routine industrial maintenance practices help the manufacturing plant:

1.      Ensures Smooth Operation and Productivity:

Regular inspection and maintenance practices help keep the critical machinery in the plant at optimal working condition. As machines are more likely to work at maximum efficiency, it reduces the chances of unexpected downtime and breakdowns. This ultimately translates to higher productivity and increased revenue.

2.      Minimizes Downtime and Reduces Repairs:

Downtime is a common problem that often occurs from critical machinery breakdown. These breakdowns can cause the facility to suspend the complete operations if no contingencies are planned. It can cause the facility to lose revenue as long as the downtime duration. In addition to loss due to downtime, critical machinery, once broken, is costly to fix. This would add to the cost, causing a more significant loss.

3.      Improves Workplace Safety:

Industrial maintenance isn’t only for protecting costly critical machinery, but it also helps prevent unprecedented accidents in the workplace. Faulty machinery can create hazardous conditions in the workplace that are unfit for employees. Any accident which leads to injury could make the company liable. To avoid any legal repercussions, having them fixed before they occur is important. Industrial maintenance helps with that.

How Does an Efficient Vibration Monitoring Company Help?

Efficient Vibration Monitoring Company

Industrial maintenance can help keep the facility safe, secure, and operating, but how do you provide industrial maintenance to your facility? The best way to ensure operation is predictive maintenance. It is a type of maintenance practice that focuses on recording and analyzing data using advanced analytical methods to predict failures before they occur.

The method involves recording key performance indicators of the critical machinery, including temperature, vibration, and energy consumption, to detect and pinpoint early signs of potential issues.

One of the methods of predictive maintenance practice is using a high quality vibration monitoring system. The system includes vibration sensor technology, which is attached to critical machinery. The vibration sensors monitor and record vibrations, which are then analyzed to provide information regarding machine health. It uses the principle of vibration analysis to find potential issues. Let’s take a closer look at vibration analysis.

The Science Behind Vibration Analysis:

Vibrations can tell a lot about the machine. Machines operate on a rhythmic pattern. When running optimally, they will follow a specific rhythm; however, when an issue occurs, the rhythm shifts to a different one. That shift in rhythm can tell a lot about the machine’s condition. When vibration sensors pick up these changes in vibration, they are then sent forward for analysis via vibration analysis software.

Using calculations of the root-mean-square, standard deviation, peak amplitude, crest factor, and skewness parameters, the data is analyzed, through which the details of the machine’s component health are found.

How Do you Find an Efficient Vibration Monitoring Company?

Quality vibration monitoring systems can be the ideal means for predictive maintenance. However, vibration analysis is a technical practice that not all companies have the expertise in. For it, you need the assistance of vibration analysis companies. Here is how you can find the right one:

How Do you Find an Efficient Vibration Monitoring Company?

1.      Go for Experience Rather than Budget:

Vibration analysis is expensive; however, assessing the critical machinery health is also crucial. An experienced company can pinpoint and predict any issue the machinery faces. It will help minimize downtime and plan contingencies. A qualified vibration analysis service should be considered instead of a lower-priced one.

2.      Discuss the Services They Offer:

Vibration analysis is only one way to provide predictive maintenance services. However, several other key methods can help. Rather than go for a service provider offering vibration analysis, invest in a service provider offering multiple predictive maintenance routes, including leak detection, field balancing, thermal imaging, and laser alignment services.

3.      Test their Industry Knowledge:

A qualified vibration analysis provider should be knowledgeable in the field. They should know enough to view the readings and provide a clearly defined spot where the potential issue would be prominent.

Final Note:

Industrial maintenance is only possible via predictive maintenance solutions offered by an efficient vibration monitoring company. These machines record and analyze the vibration pattern through which they provide an idea regarding the machine’s overall health. To assess critical machinery in your facility, ensure you work with a qualified vibration analysis company.

FAQs – Efficient Vibration Monitoring Company:

How Can Vibration Sensor Be Used as Predictive Maintenance?

Vibration sensors detect and record vibration from critical machinery, paramount for vibration analysis. The information is then processed through which the overall health of the critical machinery is known.

What are the Benefits of a Quality Vibration Monitoring System?

Vibration monitoring is a form of predictive maintenance. It can help minimize downtime and unwanted repairs. It can help ensure that critical machinery is safe to operate. In addition, it also helps regulate costs.

Why is Predictive Maintenance Effective in Maintenance Activities?

Predictive maintenance practices help predict issues in critical machinery before they occur. Having these issues fixed beforehand helps avoid unprecedented downtimes and costly repairs.

How is Vibration Monitored?

Vibration is monitored via sensor technology.

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