What are the Top Free Vibration Analysis Software Options?

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Gathering vibration data can be a laborious and complicated task. However, as complex as it can be, it is a crucial process for critical machinery. The vibration data helps evaluate the machine’s health through which critical machinery can be protected from failure.

It is a crucial industrial maintenance process, especially for sectors such as power generation and product manufacturing that work with critical machinery (24/7 in most cases). Any setback or failure can cause losses of up to billions.

Although the process of vibration analysis is essential, it is a complex one that requires advanced computing knowledge and understanding of analysis fundamentals. That’s why user-friendly solutions that balance assess ability and powerful analysis are on the rise. Let’s introduce you to some predictive maintenance software that can help clarify vibration analysis.

Predictive Maintenance Software

Top Free Predictive Maintenance Software

When it comes to vibration analysis software products, you may need to purchase some, while some you can avail for free. Let’s look at the free ones before moving to premium options.

1. VibrationData Toolbox

This handy toolkit is available in both Python and MATLAB. What sets this predictive maintenance software apart is its versatility. The graphical user interface is a breeze to navigate. In addition, Tom Irvine, the creator, has also made it possible to use the source code on your own.

This would suggest you tweak and improve the analysis based on critical machinery. Apart from the software packages, Tom Irvine has demonstrated these software packages through his webinars. So, those who require further guidance can also get assistance from them.

2. enDAQ Lab

Next on the list is enDAQ Lab, which is another free, powerful vibration analysis tool. The software provides example files for recording; however, as of now, the software is a completely self-contained software application. This means that it doesn’t support other hardware.

Apart from basic analysis functionalities, the software application can also handle comprehensive evaluations, including but not limited to Fast Fourier Transform, Power Spectral Density, unit conversion, and general plotting capabilities.

Moreover, the software does offer versatility when it comes to data export. Using the software, you can record data in MATLAB and CSV formats. This efficient data export system enables follow-up analysis.

3. enDAQ Cloud

Another free tool that critical machinery owners can consider is the enDAQ cloud platform. The software has a lot of functionality, helping analyze shock and vibration data quickly and efficiently. Like enDAQ Lab, the software only records and analyzes data generated from enDAQ sensors.

Through the free tier plan of the software, you can receive a report that will:

  • Summarize vibration datasets.
  • Present the time history at the peak.
  • Compute a clean power spectral density for all axes and resultants.
  • Compute a pseudo velocity shock spectrum for all axes and resultants.

Premium Vibration Analysis Software Products

Apart from free options, a few premium tools are also available on the market. Let’s take a look at these prediction maintenance software products and observe how they compare to the free ones. Also read out insightful blog to know the increasing role technologies in predictive maintenance.


DADiSP is a hybrid product that offers the ease of use of Excel spreadsheets with the computational power you get from the programming language of MATLAB. The tool provides more than a thousand features for analyzing and visualizing data. It is perfect for vibration analysis engineers who want to visually interact with their data without having to wire too much code. Although the price may be on the upper scale of thousands, it is a powerful tool worth the cost.

2. DPlot

If you want a cheaper version of DADiSP, then consider DPlot. The tool is perfect for analyzing and plotting vibration data. The license for owning the software is around $195. This goes well for cost-conscious business owners. The versatile tool can be used for more than plotting vibration data graphs; Use the software to manipulate 1,2,3 and 4-D data.

3. ProAnalyst

Another top vibration analysis tool is ProAnalyst. What makes it different from other tools is that it utilizes videos for determining and analyzing vibration analysis. Although the tool is powerful, the introductory edition costs around $1795, and it can build up to $10K as the professional version offers more features.

Alternative – Hire a Vibration Analysis Service Instead

Although having experts working with predictive maintenance software in your factory can be quite beneficial, chances are not everyone is equipped with the knowledge to work with these complex tools. In this case, relying on a professional vibration analysis service to assist with predictive maintenance is better. Vibration analysis services can provide experts who can take care of critical machinery monitoring and help assess the machine’s health.

Final Note – Predictive Maintenance Software

In the end, various predictive maintenance software in the market can help with critical machinery health assessment. You can consider free tools or go for premium options, depending on your choice. However, if the complexity of the analysis makes it challenging, consider hiring a professional vibration analysis service to assist with predictive maintenance.

FAQs – Predictive Maintenance Software

1. Why is Vibration Analysis Important in Various Industries?

Vibration analysis is crucial; through it, you can monitor and maintain machine health before it degrades. Through vibration analysis, you can improve a machine’s efficiency, longevity, and performance.

2. What is Free Vibration Analysis Software?

Free vibration analysis software offers tools to analyze machinery and structures without a monetary investment. These tools often strike a balance between user-friendliness and analytical capabilities.

3. Why Should I Consider Free Software for Vibration Analysis?

Free software options offer a cost-effective entry point for professionals exploring vibration analysis. They provide the essential features without the financial commitment of premium tools.

4. How Do I Choose the Right Vibration Analysis Software for My Needs?

Consider factors such as accuracy, ease of use, compatibility, and industry-specific features. Go for software that aligns with your expertise and provides the necessary features for your specific application.

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